Keyless Secured Storage Smart Locks

Access with Practically Any Credential

Keyless entry locks designed to make securing valuable items easier and more efficient. We serve clients in many different industries from healthcare to enterprise office buildings providing options for specific applications. Use existing RFID badges, RFID tags and stickers, wireless devices, mobile phones, key fobs, or the keypad.


Wireless drop-in replacement for all key operated locks, installs in minutes. Multiple styles for all major manufacturers.


Remotely manage and administer security rules quickly and efficiently with an easy to use mobile device interface.


Cloud solutions enable security managers to quickly and efficiently manage, control, track and audit lock access remotely from any pc.

Enterprise Security From A Single Portal

Streamline and simplify your security administration with the easy-to-use ProxTraq app and portal. The cloud-based solution enables security managers to quickly and efficiently manage, control, track and audit lock access remotely from any PC.

Assign unique parameters for each lock, employee, group or location. Easily enroll hundreds of RFID badges remotely. Track activity and generate audit trails in case of a breach. LEARN MORE ABOUT PROXTRAQ

Reimagine Access Control

ProxTraq is a fully integrated, scalable solution that provides organizations control, flexibility, accountability and enterprise-wide management.

In addition to the MicroIQ Prox locks, refrigerator locks and door strikes can easily be added to the ProxTraq access control portal with our complementary products: LEARN MORE ABOUT MICROTRAQ

A Few Of The Industries We Serve




Design and Construction

Hospitality and Services



Gyms and Fitness

Manufacturer Compatibility

Match a wireless lock with your favorite manufacturer.


Start by choosing which type of lock you need, whether it’s self latching, a utility cam, or core replacement lock. Once you choose what type of mechanism you need, you can choose the style and options that fit your application.



Intelligent Locks. Smart Choice.

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