Network Connected:

Cloud-based access control system

Remotely Managed:

Communicate and administer security rules quickly and efficiently with an easy-to-use mobile device interface.

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Access with Practically Any Credential:

Use existing RFID cards, RFID tags and stickers, Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, key fobs, or the keypad.

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Remote Control

Conveniently manage hundreds of locks with the MicroTraq app. Grant permissions in a way that not only saves time and energy on manual input, but also makes changing permissions easy and efficient.

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Enterprise Security from a Single Portal

Streamline and simplify your security administration with the easy-to-use ProxTraq app and portal. The cloud-based solution enables security managers to quickly and efficiently manage, control, track and audit lock access remotely from any pc.

– Assign unique parameters for each lock, employee, group or location.

– Easily enroll hundreds of prox cards remotely.

– Track activity and generate audit trails in case of a breach.

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Reimagine Access Control

ProxTraq is a fully integrated, scalable solution that provides organizations control, flexibility, accountability and enterprise-wide management.

In addition to the MircoIQ Prox locks, refrigerator locks and door strikes can easily be added to the ProxTraq access control portal with our complementary products:

Made to Fit

Replace all key locks used to secure cabinets, carts, lockers, storage units, files, and desks

  • Easy to install
  • No wiring or network infrastructure
  • Each lock runs on a single coin cell battery
Prox cards, phone, keypad
Bluetooth, keypad
Prox cards, phone, keypad
Bluetooth, keypad
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