RFID Refrigerator Access Control

Add refrigerators to your access control system with the retrofittable FridgelQ. Medical-grade refrigerators become prox card, fob, smartphone and keypad enabled. Easily set up user parameters via a web portal or smartphone. Enjoy enterprise wide management from anywhere while viewing audit trails and access attempts.

  • Manage access with mobile apps.
  • Add, modify, and remove locks, users, and privileges.
  • View activity and history.
  • Conveniently manage hundreds of locks and users.
  • Security administration of enterprise from one portal.
  • Remote enrollment of RFID cards.
  • Assign access parameters for each lock, employee, group, and location.
  • Track activity and generate audit trails.

Kit includes: Lock assembly, Knex Reader, wire harnesses, conduit, hardware.

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Completed without interruption of hospital operations.


External mounting with no drilling or modifications to refrigerator.


Use existing prox cards or RFID devices. Compatible with 125KHz and 13.56MHz RFID Prox cards, fobs, and stickers. Enroll hundreds of users.

Setup and Management

Multiple levels of connectivity allows user control via smartphone app, enterprise portal, or keypad.

WiFi/Ethernet Enabled

Data and remote unlocking.

Smartphone App

MicroTraq intializes and updates lock parameters and eliminates lock programming.


ProxTraq portal gives you complete access management.


Mobile credentials, lock networking, and data.

Lock Mechanism

Durable rotor latch with proven reliability.


120v A/C Wall Plug with 9-Volt backup battery.

Remote Administration

  • Manage locks
  • Manage users
  • View audit trails
Fridge IQ Remote Access Management Medical Refrigerator

Additional information

Weight 3.4 lbs
Dimensions 7.05 × 2 × 4 in
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