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Upgrade your office with MicroIQProx locks

Access with practically any credential – Employees can use their own RFID badge, smartphone, or choose a keypad code. No more key management issues.

Quick install – MicroIQ Prox locks are a drop-in replacement of most key operated locks and wirelessly install in minutes – adding style, security and efficiency to your office.

Easy to manage – With the MicroTraq app, facility managers can set up and manage lock parameters, enroll RFID badges and set up users.

Two operating modes – Select between station mode (repeated use) or locker mode (one-time use).

Cloud-based access control – Manage hundreds of locks and users with ProxTraq, a powerful cloud-based portal that provides enterprise-wide management & control. Set up multiple levels of access, pool locks and users into groups.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Flexibility For Any Industry

MicroIQ serves Industries and businesses both large and small. We can custom tailor solutions to fit your needs and keep your contents secure.

Professional Style

Our locks give your furniture an upgraded, stylish look. We offer multiple finishes and orientations for your application.

Enterprise Level Management

Our web portals and mobile apps allow managers unparalleled access and management. Easily manage user permissions and accessibility.

Additional Industries We Serve


The MicroIQProx locks secure tool carts, chests, cabinets, and storage cages. Easily grant or limit access and track users. Employees can access the locks using RFID badges, smartphones, or tablets.

Design and Construction

MicroIQProx locks are a smart design choice and a smart technology choice. They are a quick install and are built with technology that is easy to deploy and manage. Locks come in different sizes, configurations and finishes to address all of your application needs.


Hotels, resorts and vacation rentals are rapidly deploying electronic smart locks which provide added security and flexibility to ensure that guests and their valuables are secure.


MicroIQProx locks secure merchandise and provide superior access control with audit trails. RFID and smartphone access options eliminate keys and key management. Both lock access and management are through easy-to-use smartphone apps.


MicroIQProx is a perfect solution for lockers and other shared storage units. Students can use their ID badges or smartphones for access. Security managers can easily assign or delete users with the MicroTraq app. No more keys and combinations to manage.

Gyms and Fitness Clubs

MicroIQProx locks are a quick install to existing lockers, enabling guests to secure their items with a phone app. Club managers have access control via the MicroTraq app.

Don’t see your industry on the list?

We support businesses of any size and can custom tailor a solution that will fit your needs. Contact us!

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