Top manufacturers choose MicroIQ Prox smart locks for its unparalleled performance, modern design and effortless maintenance to secure storage on drawers, cabinets, storage cages, lockers, cases and more. Traditional locks with keys come with a lot of liability. MicroIQ Prox is simple to use and offers robust RFID encrypted technology for access control without the hassle of keeping up with physical keys! Increase storage security while improving user productivity with our future proof smart locks that are the most versatile, aesthetically pleasing and smallest footprint used in every industry. Enhance furniture with MicroIQ Prox in minutes by a simple simple drop-in replacement for all key operated locks: Spring bolt, Cam & Core insert. No more lost keys or expensive locksmiths.

Keyless Locks for the Manufacturing Industry - Keyless toolbox locks

MicroIQProx locks secure tool carts, chests, cabinets and storage cages. Easily grant or limit access and track users. Employees can access with RFID badges or Bluetooth enabled devices.

— Innovative solution that is scalable to business growth and ongoing security and industry regulations.

— Easy-to-use with ability to efficiently monitor access control, grant and revoke users or codes instantly for security and safety.

Since the majority of information security breaches are committed by insiders, administers can remotely monitor audit trails and access attempts in case of breach or theft.

— Keypad comes in tactile dome or capacitive touch, is easy to sanitize. Smart lock operates on one coin-cell battery lasting up to 3 years.

— The keypad has an optional backlighting capability where the keypad with illuminate when it senses and hand nearby. Perfect for applications where you prefer not to see a keypad.

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