MicroIQ Prox keyless smart locks are gaining popularity in retail stores and environments where eletronic devices, inventory and sensitive documents need to be secured. MicroIQ Prox solution can help you detect and track access to cases, desks, cabinets, or any other secured storage. Advanced security benefits with better access control with Successfully secure storefront or retail areas and valuable inventory often overlooked. These areas are often left unlocked, making it easier for an employee or visitor with malicious motives to gain entry to steal assets and sensitive customer information. Install wirelessly in minutes with a simple drop-in replacement for all key operated locks: Spring bolt, Cam & Core insert. instant audit trails and monitoring in case of breach or theft. Switch to electronic access control today with MicroIQ Prox!

MicroIQProx locks secure merchandise and provide superior access control with audit trails. RFID and Bluetooth access options eliminate keys and key management. Both lock access and management is through the easy-to -use smartphone apps.

Secure electronic locking solution to manage inventory and improve processes that provide several layers of strength opposed to keyed locks to thwart potential thieves.

Get peace of mind with our future proof solution ideal for any size retail business or shop to enhance guest security and staff efficiency.

Remotely monitor hundreds of locks with Prox Traq App for easily granting/revoking access, audit trails and data on unauthorized attempts. Get peace of mind wherever you instant access control.

Convenience of easy access without having to fumble with keys. Save time and money from re-keying with locksmiths.

Secure storage in Increase storage security while improving productivity in every industry with the most versatile, aesthetically pleasing and smallest footprint available.

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